Residential & Commercial Services

Blue Ridge Public Safety's security and law enforcement services are designed to keep you, your loved ones, your homes, your neighborhoods and your businesses safe, secure and protected.

Our service areas include Cashiers, Glenville, Highlands, Lake Toxaway, Sapphire and adjoining communities and neighborhoods.

Community & Property Patrols

For each community, private residence or commercial property contracted with Blue Ridge Public Safety, we perform high-visibility patrols in marked, radio-equipped police cars.

The goal of these patrols is to provide a deterrent to would-be wrongdoers, trespassers, solicitors, etc. Preserving a safe environment in the communities we protect is the primary mission of Blue Ridge Public Safety.

24/7 Emergency Response & Dispatch

Operators are on duty 24 hours a day to monitor alarms, dispatch patrol officers and accept calls for assistance from residents of the homes, communities and properties protected by Blue Ridge Public Safety.

We also assist when needed or as requested during instances of dire emergency or alarm, including traffic accidents, medical emergencies and violent situations on public property, when response by county or other emergency services may be delayed.

24-Hour Rapid Alarm Response

Working in conjunction with a Licensed Alarm System Vendor, Blue Ridge Public Safety will provide around-the-clock monitoring of residential and commercial Intrusion/Fire/Medical alarm systems. Armed Public Safety Officers are on standby to respond immediately to alarm alerts we monitor. 

Emergency Medical Assistance

Public Safety Officers are trained to provide First Aid, CPR and other emergency assistance to injured persons until Emergency Services can arrive.

We work closely with area fire, rescue and police departments to ensure emergencies requiring medical assistance are addressed promptly and in a professional manner.

Traffic Control/Enforcement & Accident Investigation

Traffic direction, enforcement of motor vehicle safety laws, and accident investigation are among the many services provided by Blue Ridge Public Safety officers.

Access Control

Blue Ridge Public Safety provides trained professionals to monitor and control access into and out of gated communities, private entrances, and special events that take place on private property.

Special Events

Blue Ridge Public Safety is available to do patrols, assist with traffic flow and parking control, and monitor the security of arenas, parks or other grounds during special events, including parades, arts and crafts fairs, music festivals, funerals, charity and fundraising events, and more.