Our Mission

Today, as never before, public safety is of primary concern to resort community developers, managers and property and business owners alike. Specializing in private residential patrol and protection like other leading private security companies in South Carolina, Blue Ridge Public Safety currently services over thirty area country clubs, resort and upscale residential communities. The Agency is certified by the North Carolina Department of Justice as a Special Police Organization. This certification enables the Agency to employ sworn police officers to provide contract security and law enforcement services to our clients.

In 2004, Public Safety’s commitment to excellence was formally recognized when North Carolina’s Attorney General named it the “Agency of the Year.”


Special Police Officers undergo a rigorous background investigation and must meet the same education and training standards as any other state certified peace officer, including fifteen weeks of accredited Basic Law Enforcement Training. Commissioned by the Attorney General, our Special Police Officers are empowered with the same statutory authority as municipal and county level police officers when engaged in providing security and law enforcement services to the communities we protect. Each member of Public Safety has a critical role in helping to carry out the Agency’s mission and must work together as a team to fulfill it. No member of Public Safety shall adversely affect the operational efficiency of the Agency by faltering in his/her duties and responsibilities. All members of Public Safety will comply with the highest standards of conduct, behavior, dress and performance while acting in their official capacity as a member of this Agency.